Who We Are?

King Marketing consults, advises, launches, and invests in a portfolio of disruptive brands. Previously, we built the marketing and growth functions for digitally-native D2C brands across several industries. Two of those companies, MeUndies and Ritual, have combined to do +$150mm annually in just a few years. We also advise and consult several other notable consumer brands from startups to billion-dollar companies.

There's hundreds of other options that you can work with, so we're grateful for the consideration. Here's how we're different:

  1. We prioritize quality at the sacrifice of quantity. We devote our time and energy toward working with a handful of clients at any given time. Our priority is to go deep (focus on a few clients) vs. broad (scale to tens of clients).
  2. We are your main contact. We’re a two-person team, and we’re your main points of contact throughout the journey. Terry handles the “business” side, so I (Dan) can fully devote my time and energy toward client work. Occasionally, I’ll bring in a thought leader within a certain field of expertise (i.e. SEO, PR, Design) because he/she brings value that goes beyond what I can provide.
  3. We treat your company like it’s ours.
    1. We consider ourselves an employee of your company, not an agency or consultant. We’ve spent the majority of our careers working as founders/execs within a company, so we understand how a decision impacts the larger organization.
    2. We’re especially mindful of molding ourselves within your existing team architecture/culture vs. trying to flex our muscles. We know we’ve done our job if we can make a tangible impact on the team and business without being noticeable.
    3. We’ve been groomed to allocate cash efficiently, achieve profitability, and control our own destiny (not becoming reliant on outside capital).
    4. We tailor our approach (vs. execute a turnkey playbook) to recommend and pursue what’s best for your company. We don’t believe in silver bullets. We think execution and experience, done over time will translate to success.

Our Capabilities

There are 8 key strategic initiatives that will define the trajectory of your business:

  1. Brand strategy
  2. Attribution + data
  3. Diversification of growth channels
  4. Customer journey
  5. Product launches
  6. Culture setting
  7. Process and workflow
  8. OKR planning

Our approach is to start by understanding your current challenges and aligning on how we can be most helpful. Here's a few examples of how we’re helping our current clients:

  1. Attribution (moving beyond last-click attribution): We’ve developed a proprietary (and simple) recipe for attribution that works better than anything else. Most companies overcomplicate attribution, which from our experience, leads to a common problem (inadequate instrumentation). Although it sounds simple, setting up the right data infrastructure has proven to be transformational for many companies we’ve worked with. There is no single source of truth, but a company can get good at this.
  2. Paid Media: Develop a deeper media mix beyond Facebook and Google. Specifically, we have experience and specific knowledge within offline channels (TV, podcasts, direct mail, OOH), and influencer marketing.
  3. Domain Expertise: Audit, provide recommendations, and execute on channel-specific strategy: paid social, SEO, offline, direct mail, OOH, and influencer marketing.
  4. Sounding Board: Serve as a sounding board for founder/exec team as a company navigates marketing decisions in the absence of strong marketing leadership. Areas we’ve been helpful in: org structure, prioritization, strategy, and culture setting.
  5. Customer Journey: Create a cohesive, memorable experience across every key customer touchpoint (website, social, customer support, blog content, and paid channels) and develop a best-in-class customer journey.
  6. Process Implementation: Develop sound processes between creative and marketing teams.

Our value goes beyond any one project. As part of the team, we will be looking to identify value-add opportunities ad hoc and help you tackle problems du jour.

Who You Are

Over the years, we’ve worked with a number of companies, which helps us better understand who we’re most helpful to (and who we’re not).

Here are common traits of companies we’ve been most helpful to:

  1. You have product-market fit, but lack marketing experience that can bring your growth and brand strategies together to scale your business.
  2. You fall into one of these categories:
    1. Trending towards $1mm-$5mm in annual revenue (Year 1):
      1. No marketing team (maybe one junior marketer).
      2. Founders are hands-on.
    2. Trending towards $5mm-$20mm in annual revenue (Y1 - Y3):
      1. Marketing team in place, but no senior marketing leader.
      2. Just starting to incorporate brand marketing and community strategy.
      3. Need help with channel diversification.
    3. Trending towards $50mm in annual revenue (Y3+):
      1. Strong marketing team, but lack experience scaling at this level.
      2. Organizational restructure needed.
      3. Growth needs to be modeled differently at this scale.
      4. Brand needs to be audited to support the next level of growth.
    4. Big retail business but little-to-no D2C:
      1. Need help launching D2C.

Founder Friendly

Our goal is to be a flexible, cost-efficient alternative to hiring a full-time marketing leader. As a result, we can be flexible whether it’s a one-time project, month-to-month, or ongoing partnership. Our business model (going deep with a few clients vs. scaling to tens of clients) allows for the necessary margin to flex up or down depending on what’s best for you and your team.

I’m constantly thinking about and working on your business, so rest assured I’m confident we’ll deliver above and beyond what we promise.

Thank You

In closing, thank you for your consideration. We look forward to learning how we can be helpful and potentially working together.