King Marketing

We are the bulletproof vest to your direct-to-consumer strategy.

We're not an agency

We're missionaries, not mercenaries. If we work together, you're getting support from only senior, experienced team members. And we fully expect to be invited to your holiday party ... if and when they ever happen again.

I'm Dan, and I spent the last 10 years leading marketing + growth at Ritual and MeUndies from $0 to nine figures. Recently, the King Marketing team and I have helped build some of the internet's most successful direct-to-consumer brands — our experience is second to none.

King Marketing is designed with the premise of what I wish I had in an outside partner while I was trying to grow my own brands. I've been in your shoes and can empathize with your challenges, and I understand your desire to remain lean and efficient.

We fit seamlessly into your team and enable you to do more with less.

Some brands we team up with




Ways to work with us

Fractional CMO (waitlist)

Access to marketing leadership

You, your executives, and marketing team have access to me and my team via Slack, email, and phone. Includes leading (or co-leading) marketing strategy, guiding annual planning and OKRs, providing access to a vetted network of partners, interpreting data, advising you on critical decisions, coaching you through key projects, and more. We work in this capacity with no more than 3 brands at a time.

The King Marketing Collective

Access to a bundle of unicorn-like senior level specialists

If you are in the market for a managed service (i.e. Facebook Ads, SEO, PR) or help with a custom project, then this option is perfect for you. Based on your needs, we'll assemble a dream team managed by King Marketing and/or refer you to a trusted resource.

Some examples of our work


Outer is an outdoor furniture brand on a mission to get people outside.

Dan has been an advisor with Outer since the company launched in early 2020 and helped the brand grow 12x year over year. Outer has been named the fastest growing DTC brand by Business Insider.

I’m so thankful for the wisdom Dan has provided to me and to Outer at just the right moments this year. He’s nudged us away from some of our worst impulses, brought clarity to the chaos with such grace, and provided us with invaluable counsel as we worked to navigate our toughest, most sensitive challenges. Dan’s strengths arise not only from his exceptional command of consumer marketing but really from his understanding of business, startups, and most importantly, people. He understands the people in the room and the ones shopping for our products. I would invite Dan to any table of executives I was leading and expect his presence to be invaluable.

— Patrick, COO of Outer

In-House Experience

Dan joined MeUndies and Ritual as part of their founding teams. Both brands are known for their innovative marketing efforts, customer centricity, and balance of sustainable multi-year growth with a drive toward profitability. Dan has been instrumental in helping achieve the above because he (and by extension, his marketing teams) blended performance and brand marketing into a cohesive, scalable strategy. His ideas have been covered by Fast Company, ESPN, and Adweek.


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